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If you’re looking for something truly special for your next event, you’ve come to the right place. Therapi Band’s unique sound is exciting and timeless, as they bring together the perfect harmony of talented musicians and vocalists from around the globe.

The band leader, Keet Styla has been in the music industry for over 35 years and created Therapi Band in 1998. After years of performing for other professional wedding bands and musical groups, he wanted to create a band with a little more magic, to perform music with a little more soul….


Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet Therapi Band!

From background music to a full on concert-style performance, Therapi Band’s versatility allows them to adapt to fit the needs of each client based on music style preference, the size of the venue, type of event and location.


The band can be as small as two performers and go up to 12, but the core group consists of five pieces:

Lead Vocals, Keys, Bass Guitar, Steel Drum, and Drums

Therapi Band has performed for a countless number of events including wedding receptions, cocktail hours and ceremonies, as well as for corporate events, high-end restaurants, college campus events, casinos, private parties, festivals, country clubs, and many more. Their professional demeanor, talent, and energy has granted them several consistent annual, monthly, and weekly performances for many years.


They have performed in NY from Manhattan to Montauk, but have also traveled all over the US for special performances as well.


Contact us to customize an ensemble that will add that wow-factor to your next special event!


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